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ES Technology
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33850 Léognan
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33850 Léognan


ES TECHNOLOGY certifiée ISO 9001:2008




industrial CO2 gas laser

industrial CO2 gas laser

industrial laser for wood engraving

Industrial laser
for wood marking

CO2 laser marking control unit

Barrels laser marking machine control unit

PRINT range industrial lasers
are designed using a widely proven technology


es PRINT are CO2 gas lasers. They are emitting at a wavelength of
10,6 microns and they allow to get high quality results, both on glass and woods.To meet the specific needs of each industrial es PRINT lasers are available with powers of 30 and 60 watts.

With more than 50 000 systems in operation around the world, the technology used for the development of the es PRINT industrial laser is widely proven. The average life of the integrated laser source is over
45 000 functioning hours, making the es PRINT laser extremely reliable.

Like all lasers proposed by ES TECHNOLOGY, es PRINT CO2 lasers are supplied with control softwares. Regarding laser marking or engraving applications, the es MARK graphical editor allows to work efficiently and intuitively.

Applications : Laser marking  
  Laser engraving  
  Laser cutting  
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