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ES Technology
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laser decoration on perfume bottles

Laser decoration
on perfume bottles

glass laser engraving

Laser engraving on glass

laser decoration on glass perfume bottles

Laser decoration
on glass perfume bottles

glass laser decoration in the perfumery field

Laser decoration
in the perfumery field

When it comes to glass decoration, laser technology offers many original and high quality possibilities


Laser technology allows to customize the design of glass pieces through the selective removal of a metal layer or through glass etching. Provided however, you have a robotic laser machine abble to carry out a process that remains complex.

To provide complete satisfaction to the industrial, ES TECHNOLOGY has long developed a concept of custom laser machines equipped with robots and vision systems. The robot, equipped with tools specifically developed for each application (clips or suction cups), is dedicated to parts moving. But, beyond this traditional task, the robot can also handle the part after it is facing the laser and thus decorate it on many sides or even on its entire surface. The vision system, meanwhile, is intended to account for deformations of parts compared to a theoretical model. This information can then be used to program the robot's movements so that the bottle is brought in front of the industriallaser at the appropriate place and can then properly rotated around its axis. This ensures as precise as high quality automated decoration.

Technical specifications
Laser : diode pumpted YAG or Ytterbium fiber laser and corresponding marking software
Vision system : Matrox software, Sony high-definition camera and ES TECHNOLOGY vision software
Robot : Fanuc and Fanuc Roboguide simulation software
Robotic industrial laser machines complying with CE standards

If you have any question about laser engraving or marking on glass : or +33(0)5 56 64 40 29

ES TECHNOLOGY can provide laser solutions
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