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ES Technology
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industrial fiber laser for any kind of application

Industrial fiber laser

low cost Ytterbium fiber laser for marking applications

Fiber laser,
low cost version

marking workstation including a fiber laser

Marking workstation
with fiber laser

industrial laser workstation

Industrial laser workstation

es FLY range lasers are used in the industry since many years


es FLY lasers are based on Ytterbium fiber technology.
They are emitting at a wavelength of 1,06 micron and they allow to get high quality results, both on plastics and metals. To meet the specific needs of each industrial es FLY fiber lasers are available in "continuous mode" or "pulsed mode" with powers ranging from 5 to 40 watts.

Due to their small size and low weight, es FLY lasers are easy to integrate on production lines. They can also be integrated into our custom laser machines or simply placed on a table to do custom work. According to the application requirements, the laser source may be integrated vertically or horizontally. And, the control unit allowing the control of es FLY industrial fiber lasers is very compact. Its front side, with its touch screen and operating commands, may be separated and integrated in a production machine.

Like all lasers proposed by ES TECHNOLOGY, es FLY lasers are supplied with control softwares. Regarding laser marking or engraving applications, the es MARK graphical editor allows to work efficiently and intuitively.

Designed from high quality components, es FLY fiber lasers are nevertheless offered at competitive prices. They are also accompanied
by an offer of technical support before and after sale. Furthermore, these industrial lasers require little maintenance and have therefore very low
operating costs.

Applications : Laser marking  
  Laser engraving  
  Laser welding  
  Laser cutting  
More information : documentation laser marquage (335 ko)
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