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fabricant de lasers de marquage et de lasers de codage

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ES Technology
ZI La Rivière
33850 Léognan
33 (0)5 56 64 40 29
33 (0)5 56 64 44 20

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101 Chemin de Bel Air
33850 Léognan


ES TECHNOLOGY certifiée ISO 9001:2008


ES TECHNOLOGY experts are studying your laser project

Laser project study

ES TECHNOLOGY designes your industrial laser system

Industrial laser machines

Industrial laser and laser machines manufacturer

Laser machine manufacturer

Industrial laser system manufacturer

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ES TECHNOLOGY supports its Customers all around the world, throughout the life span of their laser systems.


Mastering the entire industrial laser machines production line,
ES TECHNOLOGY leans on a sound experience to offer Quality laser systems and associated service. DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 certified by the German organization TÜV, ES TECHNOLOGY makes a team of bilingual (French, English) Engineers and Technicians available to manufacturers. This one provides a direct, personalized, responsive and reliable Customer support all around the world.

Advice : ES TECHNOLOGY support begins at the start of your project with experts from the Tests Laboratory who are always available to give advise on specific needs.

Starting up : Technical receipt, installation and starting up of your laser system are conducted by experienced ES TECHNOLOGY Engineers and Technicians.

Training : To ensure optimum use of your laser system,
ES TECHNOLOGY offers customized training modules taught by
our specialists.
More information by phone +33(0)5 56 64 40 29 or by e-mail

Support : ES TECHNOLOGY technical support is by your side during all the life span of your laser system.

The services offered by ES TECHNOLOGY
provide you with a global solution.
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