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ES Technology
ZI La Rivière
33850 Léognan
33 (0)5 56 64 40 29
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GPS coordinates
101 Chemin de Bel Air
33850 Léognan


ES TECHNOLOGY certifiée ISO 9001:2008




laser cutting

Laser cutting

fine laser cutting

Laser cutting

industrial laser machine

Laser cutting machine


Laser technology allows accurate, quick
and high quality cutting


Lasers proposed by ES TECHNOLOGY allow the cutting of various materials without contact and with a very low heat affected zone. Varied and original forms can be cut with great precision, high speed and high cutting edge quality.

Cartesian CO2 lasers, offered by our company, provide opportunities for thermoplastics, paper, cardboard, wood, leather, polymers, etc. cutting on thicknesses up to centimeter. Galvanometers CO2 lasers are designed for cutting applications on my fine materials, not exceeding 2 or 3 millimeters. Finally, ES TECHNOLOGY fiber lasers allow thin cutting on plastic, epoxy resin or metals whose thickness does not exceed one millimeter.

Our team is at your disposal for any questions regarding laser cutting : or +33(0)5 56 64 40 29

ES TECHNOLOGY can provide laser solutions
for all your applications.
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