Design and manufacture of customized laser machine

For more than 25 years, our team designs and manufactures quality customized laser machines.

To meet the needs of industrials from cooperage, medical, horology, micromachining and many others sector of activities, we realize laser machines on Customer’s specifications. For this purpose, we integrate all industrial lasers (UV to infrared, nano, pico or femtoseconds, high power or high energy, etc.) and all the accessories useful for the application.

If you are looking for a specific solution for your industrial process, our technical teams will meet your expectations. Our engineers and technicians will adapt to your requirements, or will guide you through their know-how to design your own customized laser machine.

Many customers have already trusted ES LASER experience. Our industrial laser machines are now installed throughout the world: TOYOTA Russia, TOYOTA Turkey, VALEO China, FAURECIA Spain, LEGRAND Portugal, BOSCH Brazil, ADECOS Germany, MICROSEMI Philippines, etc.

  • Complying with Machinery Directive 13849 and CE standards
  • Machine design for application of marking, coding, welding, engraving, cutting, micromachining, etc.
  • Experimented and complementary design offices (optics, electronics, mechanics, automatics, robotics, and informatics)
  • Industrial design
  • Adaptation to Customers’ providers
  • Customized Human-Machine Interface
  • User-friendly and intuitive software
  • Powerful integrated diagnostic software allowing the laser analysis and remote control by our technical team
  • Associated services (training, service maintenance, guarantee extension, etc.)

Laser decoration machine

Customized laser machine for decoration

Specific laser equipment

Specific laser equipment manufacturing

Laser machine with continuous table

Laser marking by customized laser machine

Marking customized laser machine

Customized laser machine for marking applications

Customized machine for laser micromachining

Micromachining customized laser machine

Robotized laser with vision system

Robotized laser machine with vision equipment

Laser machine with large diameter rotary table

Laser machine with large indexing table

Laser machining tools

Customized laser tools needed by the laser application

Robotized laser machine

Customized laser machine with robotized system

Laser head integration on production line

Customized laser integration on production line

Laser marking on industrial production line

Customized laser machine for marking on the fly on production line

Customized laser machine with indexed table

Customized laser machine with rotary indexing table

Laser machine for plastics welding

Customized laser machine for plastics welding

Customized machine for laser welding

Welding laser machine

Micromachining laser machine for medical

Special laser machine for micromachining

Marking machine for wine barrels manufacturer

Marking laser machine for cooperage barrels

Laser welding machine

Special welding laser machine

Customized Human-Machine Interface

Customized Human-Machine interface development