C300 Ytterbium fiber laser source

The C300 source is the Ytterbium fiber laser (1,090 nm) entirely manufactured by ES LASER. Functioning in continuous mode, it allows the laser light to heat the matter without removal. This laser source is thus essential for industrial applications where surfaces must remain unaltered (marking, coding, welding of thermoplastics, surface treatment, etc.).

  • Complying with CE standards
  • Stable and quality (M² < 1.1) laser beam
  • Controllable output power (up to 30 Watts)
  • Compact and light (6 kg)
  • Output optical fiber (single mode, 3 m)
  • Easy to integrate
  • Long lifespan
  • Competitive price
  • Easy-monitored microprocessor card for laser emission control.

Technical specifications:

ES LASER laser control card

ES LASER fiber laser source

Continuous laser source designed for integration