Accessories and consumables

With its industry knowledge and its experience in laser integration, ES LASER offers a set of components, materials and consumables, useful for your laser applications.

Our technical team will advise you by suggesting you the right solution for your needs.


  • Particles extraction, filtration system and its consumables
  • Laser power meter
  • Deionized water
  • Security material (housings, laser glasses, protection windows, etc.)
  • Optical cleaning kit
  • Complete set of focalisation lens, from 65×65 to 600×600 mm, according to the laser and the application
  • Rotating module for cylindrical parts marking
  • Z axis setting column (manual or electrical)
  • Outline diode or Z axis diode
  • Vision system

Extraction and filtration internal system

Fume extraction for laser machining

Laser power meter

Laser security equipments

Rotating module for laser marking

Optical cleaning kit

Z axis setting column

Laser visualization system