Rotary laser machine with indexing table

If you are looking for a high production rate without losing quality, our workstation with rotary indexing table is ideal for your laser applications. Fully adaptable, we can install laser sources and options needed to your process.

  • Complying with Machinery Directive 13849 and CE standards
  • Workstation suited for laser marking, welding, engraving and decoration
  • Several indexing table available (Ø620, 800 or 1,200 mm)
  • Table with 2, 6 or 10 positions
  • Overlapped working process due to loading/discharging stations
  • Automatic rotation
  • Fast and easy parts positioning
  • Electric or automatic focal control
  • Class 1 Workstation completely secured
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low operating cost
  • Customized Human-Machine Interface
  • User-friendly and intuitive software
  • Powerful integrated diagnostic software allowing the laser analysis and remote control by our technical team

Technical specifications:

Laser workstation with 2 positions table

Laser marking at high production rate

Workstation with large indexing table