Laser machine with automatic door

This workstation is perfectly suited for flat, cylindrical or spherical parts – from medium or high series – laser marking (in the mechanics, medical, cutting tools, etc. industries). Its “hand inside” configuration allows the operator to work at high production rate in optimal security conditions.

  • Complying with Machinery Directive 13849 and CE standards
  • Perfect workstation for laser machining at high rate in sitting position
  • Side shelves
  • Manual or automatic door
  • Class 1 Workstation completely secured
  • Industrial design
  • Electric or automatic focal control
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low operating cost
  • Customized Human-Machine Interface
  • User-friendly and intuitive marking software
  • Powerful integrated diagnostic software allowing the laser analysis and remote control by our technical team

Technical specifications:

Laser marking workstation

Laser workstation in “hand inside” configuration

Laser marking workstation for high series