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plastic water meter laser marking

Laser marking
on plastic water meter housing

laser ablation on plastic automotive light

Laser marking
on plastic car lights

plastic automotive buttons laser marking

Laser marking
on plastic automotive parts

laser marking on plastic electrical outlet

Laser marking
on plastic electrical

ES TECHNOLOGY offers different solutions
for plastic laser marking and engraving


To meet the specific needs of each application, industrial lasers allow plastic marking with different processes.

In the case of discoloration marking, the laser beam interacts with pigments added from the formulation of plastics. Through photoelectric effect, these pigments will change color, turning more often to black or gray. This allows to mark easily readable and indelible datas, while increasing the speed of the process because of the rapid reaction between beam and pigments.

The ablating method corresponds to evaporation removal of part of an over-layer (paint, anodizing, etc.) covering the part to be marked. To reveal bare portions of the part creates a contrast. This method is particulary interesting for day and night design (location of dashboards buttons regardless of the external light).

The laser engraving technique is useful in cases of non-pigmented plastics. It allows a deeper mark after melting or evaporation of a portion of the material through beam intensity.

Finally, foaming provides a good contrast. It can be implemented on many types of plastics.

Range : es FLY, es PRINT, es CODE
Laser source type : Ytterbium fibre, CO2 gas
Source power : from 5 to 60 W
Running mode : pulsed or continuous
Marking area dimensions : from 100x100 mm to 300x300 mm
Marking speed : 600 characters per seconde
(characters height 1 mm)
Every ES TECHNOLOGY laser is supplied with a complete multilingual marking software, the es MARK. Developped by our spécialists, this graphical editor is an advanced one, easy to use and user-friendly. It allows DXF files importation and the creation of any kind of data to mark (DataMatrix, barcodes, figured datas, drawings, etc.).

If you have any question about laser marking or engraving on plastic : or 05 56 64 40 29

ES TECHNOLOGY can provide laser solutions
for all your applications.
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