Meet our colleague Wesley Prins

Meet our technical project manager, Wesley PRINS!



Wesley PRINS
Technical Project Manager

  • Tell us about your journey before joining ES LASER?

“I was born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I studied mechanical engineering in the cities of Breda and Tilburg (Netherlands). After obtaining my Bachelors degree in 2005, I left  to work in different parts of France and Spain. In 2007, I decided to settle permanently in France and more precisely in Bordeaux”.

  • What has been your career development at ES LASER?

“After settling in Bordeaux, I quickly joined the ES LASER team as a designer. For 7 years, I was involved in the development of machines and I worked closely with the mechanical machining department. In 2014 I had a job transfer and since then I have been in charge of  the production methods. I enjoy this position ever since. After 13 years in this beautiful region and at ES LASER, I can say that I’m not about to leave them!”

  • Are you proud to work for ES LASER?

“It’s a real pleasure to contribute in the design and manufacture of laser machines. The work is varied, which requires great versatility and an excellent teamwork. So many factors that never let you get bored!

  • A small remark about the future together?

“I am looking forward to continue to assist in the development of the company with great projects in the future”.


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