A 3D Laser microprocessing machine at your disposal

To help our Customers on their innovative projects, with complex or demanding applications, our Technical Team has manufactured a high precision interpolated 5-axis Laser machine, which is dedicated to fine cuttingdrilling and micro-welding.

Unique opportunities:

  • Cutting and drilling of many materials (steel, brass, copper, gold, aluminium, ceramics, etc.),
  • Welding of metals or plastics,
  • Spot or seam welding,
  • 3D complex paths,
  • Flat, cylindrical, spherical or irregular parts,

 Applications examples:

2D cuttingBrass0.3 mm300 mm/min
3D cuttingStainless steel2 mm200 mm/min
2D weldingBrass0.15 mm> 6 mm/min
3D weldingStainless steel2 mm60 mm/min

Technical specifications:

  • Singlemode Ytterbium fiber Laser, 1,070 nm, 1,500 W, 15 J, M² 1.05, pulsed or continued: cutting, welding, drilling,
  • Diode Laser, 980 nm, 200 W, modulated or continued: welding,
  • Working areas: 440 x 250 x 120 mm (2D) or 200 x 200 x 120 mm (3D),
  • Granite support and temperature-controlled by integrated air conditioner housing,
  • 2 integrated macro and micrometrical vision systems,
  • Dynamic interpolation: ± 10 µm,
  • Static X-Y and Z axis accuray: ± 6 µm and ± 2 µm,
  • 4th and 5th axes per rotary device, with positioning accuracy of 0.005°.

Integrated into our Laser applications Laboratory, this machine is at your disposal for feasibility tests achievementprocess development, or job shop for your products – whether for limited series or for thousands of pieces!