Automated laser welding with robots

Our engineers have developed an automated 3D assembly machine with a laser welding application for a customer project. The objectives of this machine are to produce angular welds, edge-to-edge by transparent welding, in order to maintain a high production rate and to apply an irreproachable and precise welding process. We used the most advanced technologies for the automated process. This machine allows to assemble a whole set of parts in less than a minute and to execute 16 welds which are made in less than 30 seconds.

L'une des spécialités de nos Ingénieurs est d'intégrer des robots pouvant manipuler les pièces ou déplacer la tête laser

Technical specifications:

  • 2 single-mode ytterbium fibre lasers @ 1070 nm, power of 4000 W, continuous or pulsed
  • 2 special galvanometric heads for high laser power (max. 12 kW)
  • automated and 3D welding process
  • 2 robots for the welding process
  • 1 robot for parts handling
  • 1 automated 6-position turntable with a diameter of 2.5 m
  • 1 optional welding station, with a complete high-power laser system and galvanometric-robot head

If you are in need of a laser machine, our team will meet your expectations, whether for welding applications – metals or plastics – or for any other project requiring industrial laser technology.

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