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Meet our colleague Laurent Combelas

Meet our production supervisor, Laurent COMBELAS!

Tell us about yourself in a few words?

I did master’s degree in Bordeaux in GEII (Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing). At the end of my studies, in 2002, I joined ES LASER being responsible for our contract workshop. I quickly moved on to a position in robotics and software […]

Machine de découpe 4 axes

4-axis laser cutting machine

Our Teams have developed a customised fully automated laser cutting and drilling machine;

Find out more about our latest News and watch the video! Our laser machines are unique, they are entirely designed and manufactured in our workshops, relying on the expertise of our Engineers and our 30 years of know-how.



ES LASER has developed a […]

Machine de Tonnellerie

Laser marking of wine barrels

Discover our latest generation of laser marking machines dedicated to marking wine barrels.
Click here and watch our video, filmed in our factory in Léognan.

Our Teams are at your service in order to realize of all your projects. Contact us for more information!



Meet our colleague Wesley Prins

Meet our technical project manager, Wesley PRINS!

Tell us about your journey before joining ES LASER?

“I was born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I studied mechanical engineering in the cities of Breda and Tilburg (Netherlands). After obtaining my Bachelors degree in 2005, I left  to work in different parts of France and Spain. In 2007, […]

News Juin2

Automated laser welding with robots

Our engineers have developed an automated 3D assembly machine with a laser welding application for a customer project. The objectives of this machine are to produce angular welds, edge-to-edge by transparent welding, in order to maintain a high production rate and to apply an irreproachable and precise welding process. We used the most advanced […]


Audit on our health protocols related to COVID-19

ES LASER has been audited by two recognized control bodies: SOCOTEC and TÜV, on the sanitary measures put in place to protect our Teams and Visitors.

These audits found that we were in compliance with government recommendations.

Safety, commitment, rigour and precision: these are some words that are found in our profession and that seem more […]

A 3D Laser microprocessing machine at your disposal

To help our Customers on their innovative projects, with complex or demanding applications, our Technical Team has manufactured a high precision interpolated 5-axis Laser machine, which is dedicated to fine cutting, drilling and micro-welding.

Technical specifications:

Singlemode Ytterbium fiber Laser, 1,070 nm, 1,500 W, 15 J, M² 1.05, pulsed or continued: cutting, welding, drilling,
Diode Laser, 980 nm, 200 W, modulated […]


The Laser for batteries manufacture

Laser technology offers great opportunities for complex or innovative industrial projects. Battery manufacturing is one of these opportunities, and our Team is specialized in all processes where the integration of industrial Lasers is an crucial solution, such as for the batteries assembly – or their components – by Laser welding.
A reliable and cost-saving process, […]


Laser Expert Day

Following the success of the previous edition, our Teams had the pleasure of renewing our Laser Expert Day.
Meetings and discussions highlights, bringing together many stakeholders around industrial technical conferences and projects:

Regulatory obligations and news associated with industrial machinery,

Regulations and safety standards for workers exposed to Laser radiation,

The use of Ytterbium Fiber Laser for cleaning, […]


Investment in production tools

ES LASER has acquired new equipments and systems for the manufacture of our Laser machines in order to offer the best to our Customers and to meet their expectations.
To develop our internal capacity for fabrication and innovation, to diversify our know-how, to strengthen the complementarity of our Team, to increase the competitiveness of our […]