ES TECHNOLOGY starts up the 2500th industrial laser machine manufactured by our teams

Lasers, customized laser machines and complete systems for many industrial applications in various sectors of activity – ES TECHNOLOGY offers a comprehensive range of laser solutions.

Today, our engineers start one of the most flexible and versatile laser welding machines. Dedicated for small to medium industrial series, it’s designed for 2D and 3D metals welding.

With its 4 movement axes, a rotary module, positioning systems and a Numerical Control Man/Machine interface, this new machine allows customized top quality welding and optimized cycle time.

  • Complete and powerful NC programming software
    • Import of various paths made by industrial drawing softwares (CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc.)
    • Automatic conversion of imported G-CODE files, by adding specific machine functions
    • Automatic production mode management
    • Laser machine control (axis position, reference points, laser beam speed, etc.)
  • Spot and Seam Welding
  • Excellent repeatability: ± 0.1 mm
  • Tilting rotary module (1° step, ± 0.1° accuracy)
  • High precision X-Y crossed table (position adjustment of 0.1 mm)
  • Manual adjustment by binocular and control joystick (accuracy from 0.1 to 0.001 mm)
  • Automatic adjustment by intuitive and friendly software
  • Customized control box
  • Protective gas (Argon or Oxygen, depending on the application)

Since 1984, our independent family-run company designs, manufactures and installs a large number of laser machines throughout the World.

Industrial laser welding machine


2D or 3D laser welding


XY cross table and rotary module for customized welding


Industrial control panel for high precision