Investment in production tools

ES LASER has acquired new equipments and systems for the manufacture of our Laser machines in order to offer the best to our Customers and to meet their expectations.

To develop our internal capacity for fabrication and innovation, to diversify our know-how, to strengthen the complementarity of our Team, to increase the competitiveness of our solutions by being in charge of our production chain, to reduce delivery time!

Sheet metal workshop

Manufacturing of frame elements, housings, and all sheet metal subassemblies of our Lasers systems.

  • LVD® press brake – 135 tons by 3 meter, up to 6 mm
  • METALLKRAFT® metal shear – 1,250 mm, up to 4 mm

Welding workshop

Assembling of welded frames, subsets, … :

  • ESAB® GMAW and GTAW welding machines – pulsed, 400 A and 250 A, water cooled

Machining workshop

High-precision machining of complex parts of all our systems, in addition to our two 3- and 5-axis CNC machining centers:

  • HAAS® CNC 4-axis machining center – 200 x 400 mm at 4,000 rpm, side axis ± 50 mm at 30 m/min.

We will surely meet your expectations with our experience in designing and manufacturing customized machines since over 25 years!