Our expertise for your Laser applications

Each Laser applications has ist own unique feature, and with more than 2,500 Laser systems designed and implanted all around the world, the Engineers and the Technicians of ES LASER have acquired the skills to meet all the expectations of demanding industrials projects which need Laser technology: Laser micromachining, Laser welding, Laser fine cutting, surfaces treatment, decoration, engraving, Laser marking (stationary or on-the-fly), etc.

Whether it is for a customized Laser machine design, the optimization of Laser process, the design of a novative solution or the achievement of subcontracting projects, our know-how has already seduced many industrialists through the world.

Laser micromachining : cutting, drilling, welding, surfaces treatment, etc.

Decoration with Laser

Laser Cutting and Drilling

Laser Welding : metals or plastics


Laser Marking and Engraving