Decoration and selective ablation of surfaces

Laser decoration for Luxuary Packaging

Whatever your decoration project for your prestige products, we will meet your needs by developing a customized, reliable and innovative Laser solution.

Feasibility study in our Applications Laboratory, design developments by our Design Offices, manufacture in our factory, integration on your production sites, training and international support, our Teams put their know-how at your service.

Whether it’s pattern marking, changing surface condition or removing an overlay (painting, anodization, etc.), Laser decoration is the solution to customize high-value pieces:

  • Exceptionnal visual appearance
  • Top precision
  • Small to large parts series
  • Great fine details
  • Perfect reproducibility
  • No consumable
  • Unique decoration
  • Inimatable process
  • All parts geometries

Laser decoration for all prestige Luxury products of Packaging Industries, redardless of matter, geometry or coating.

Extensive experience

With more than 2,500 machines designed or installed in more than 28 countries, ES LASER is a key partner for every projects in all industrial sectors, including Luxury Packaging:

  • Leather cutting and marking
  • 3D decoration by selective ablation
  • Glass intro-volume engraving
  • 3D or 2D precision decoration by marking
  • Sintering for coloyr marking
  • Texturing and engraving for precious metals

Customized Laser machines…

The Engineers and the Technicians of ES LASER are specialized in customized machines design, meeting productivity, integration and use requirements, and which comply with European Laser and Machines Safety Standards.

… according to your application

Because each project is different, our Teams integrate for your project the most efficient systems into our machine:

  • Ultraviolet, “green” or infrared Lasers
  • Continuous, short or ultra-short (pico and femtosecond) Lasers
  • Sequential or continous rotative device
  • Vision device (quality control, positioning, etc.)
  • Customized, simple and user-friendly operator interface
  • Robotic system, conveyor, etc.

Glass decoration by selective ablation

Laser decoration for perfume bottles

Laser marking for perfume flasks

Selective ablation by Laser

Laser selective ablation is an industrial technique for marking by removing coatings (painting, anodization, varnishing, etc.). When the Laser beam passes, this coating is vaporized, exposing specific areas of the treated parts, and thus revealing the marking pattern by a strong visual contrast.

This technique is used in many industrial sectors, including Packaging (High Consumer or Luxury markets) for the traceability or decoration of packaging, or for the Automotive Industry, for decoration or marking by “day and night” design.

Laser ablation (or paint, anodization, etc.) for “day and night” design of automotive parts

Laser coating ablation for decoration

Customization and decoration by Laser ablation