The mastery of Laser micromachining

Laser micro-applications combine processes that require impeccable quality and extreme precision: fine cutting, drilling, 3D micro-engraving, surface texturing, micro-welding, marking, etc. Applications mastered by the Engineers and the Technicians of ES LASER , whose know-how includes more than 2,500 industrial Lasers machines designed, manufactured and installed around the world.

Whether it’s for the design of a customized Laser machine, the achievement of subcontracting projects or the accomplishment  of feasibility tests in our Laser Applications Laboratory, our Technical and Commercial Teams are at your disposal to offer you the right solution for your quality and productivity requirements.

Laser micro-applications techniques

The Laser welding technique leads to the generation of micrometric welds with extraordinary mechanical properties, rivaling those of the base material. Industrial Laser welding specificities (high energy density, finesse and precision) also ensure a high welding speed, and the creation – by points or cords – of aesthetics and strong welds. Contactless process, Laser welding meets the expectations of the most complex assembly projects, allowing even welds impossible to obtain by conventional techniques.

  • Very high precision
  • Perfect repeatability
  • High welding speed
  • With or without filler material
  • No contamination

  • Excellent finesse
  • Minimal or non-existent deformations
  • Strong and waterproof welds
  • Simple or complex geometrical parts
  • Ecological process

Laser cutting is a very high-precision and contactless thermal separation process. On the surface of the material, the Laser beam – high energy – leads to the fusion, then the evaporation and the sublimation of the material, ensuring narrow and aesthetic cutting edges. The high quality of cutting and the performances of the process (speed, positioning tolerances, etc.) are determined and adapted for each project by the choice of several criteria: the Laser source and Laser parameters, the focus optics, the assistance gas, etc.

  • Micrometical precision
  • High fiability
  • Minimal matter stress
  • Matter saving

  • Fine and aesthetic cutts
  • Simple or complex shape
  • Thermally reduced affected areas
  • Simple machine tool

Laser drilling allows the generation of holes (crossing or one-eyed) with regular contours and micrometric sizes on all materials, including precious metals. The Laser beam – specially shaped and concentrated to achieve a very high power density – will cause fusion, then evaporation and sublimation of the part which be drilled. The quality of contours and the speed of the process (up to several thousand holes per second) are ensured by the specificities of the Laser and by the almost instantaneous expulsion of the molten material out of the hole, caused by the shock wave and the use of an assist gas.

  • Extreme precision
  • Neat and aesthetic edges
  • Negligible matter stress
  • Minimal thermal stress

  • Perfect reproducibility
  • High speed machining
  • Contactless process
  • Matter saving

These two Lasers micro-applications – engraving (3D) and texturing – are the main techniques for decorating industrial pieces with high added value, where aesthetic and quality visual appearance are paramount. ES LASER machines can decorate flat parts as well as complex surfaces (inclined, conical, cylindrical) and on many materials, including precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, synthetic diamonds, Zircone oxides and Aluminium, etc.).

  • Unique decoration
  • Micrometrical precision
  • Exceptionnal visual appearence
  • Economical process (no consumable)

  • Unique process
  • Great fine details
  • Small to large parts series
  • Permanent decoration