Static or dynamic Laser coding

Laser coding for luxuary products manufacturers

Manufacturers must follow their products throughout their life cycle. To achieve this, they are implementing traceability procedures based on on-the-fly marking technologies.

On-the-fly marking applications are therefore essential in many industries, required by Law to identify and trace their products. In terms of traceability, French and European legislation is becoming more and more restrictive. Marked codes, dates or serial numbers, such as on food, pharmaceutical or surgical packaging, must be readable and reliable. But the issue of traceability also goes beyond legislative requirements to meet the obligations of security, quality control and anti-counterfeiting.

There’s nothing like the Laser to mark the packaging on the fly. Indeed, they allow to mark at high speed and with constant quality, even on small surfaces and in difficult conditions (dust, oils, etc.). In addition, on-the-fly markings are very easy to read and totally indelible.

And it is to meet the requirements of its Customers that ES LASER Teams have develop specific Lasers – such as Ytterbium ES CODE fiber Lasers – in order to mark at high speed all surfaces, without and with coating (painting, anodization, …).

Laser coding for Packaging Industries

Laser coding for products identification

Laser coding for traceability