Laser cutting for automotive electrical cables


Special Laser stripping/cutting machine for automotive electrical cables


Automated mechanical system for the flow of cables, including engine and coder

Laser technology is a solution of choice for stripping/cutting electrical cables: the Laser beam – from a low power Laser – is easily absorbed by the sheaths, allowing them to be cut, and is fully reflected by the soul of the wires, protecting them from any deterioration caused by conventional mechanical shock techniques.

Our Technical Team had the opportunity to design an innovative Laser machine for one of our Automotive Equipment Customers. A customized solution, which incorporates proven equipments for many years in our industrial machines, as well as custom-made systems that our Engineers have specially developed:

  • An annular suction for fumes evacuation, ensuring optimal cutting speed and perfect reproducibility of the process,
  • An optical system allowing the rotation of the Laser beam – and thus the cutting – around the cables,
  • A motorized and automated focus system for the Laser beam, according to the diameter of the cables,
  • An automated cables drive system, including an engine and a coder (for adjusting the length of cables and cutting points),

Industrial solution, this Laser machine is able to work all day long, with a low operating cost.

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