Laser Expert Day

Following the success of the previous edition, our Teams had the pleasure of renewing our Laser Expert Day.

Meetings and discussions highlights, bringing together many stakeholders around industrial technical conferences and projects:

  • Regulatory obligations and news associated with industrial machinery,
  • Regulations and safety standards for workers exposed to Laser radiation,
  • The use of Ytterbium Fiber Laser for cleaning, ablation, welding or cutting,
  • The processing of high-productivity materials with a femtosecond Laser,

  • The evolution of industrial Laser beam processing,
  • The copper welding process by green Laser and the “black marking” application with ultrashort Laser,
  • The use and the advantages of smart pigments for Laser marking,
  • The industrial Laser global market.

Finally, more than 60 professionals – Laser Process Engineers, Maintenance Technicians, Project Managers, Experienced Users, Laser System Manufacturers, etc. – came together and made the success of these edition.

Next step in 2021!