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Manufacture of industrial Lasers

In our factory, we manufacture components, lasers and customized laser machines.

ES LASER offers a comprehensive range of lasers and machines for demanding industrial applications such as metal welding, plastic welding, marking, coding engraving and decoration.

Backed by the know-how of our Technical Teams, we are highly proficient in the design and production of your industrial lasers. In order to guarantee you get the top quality level, ES LASER manufactures its own components and some of the laser sources. We include most of the laser technologies used in the industry in your laser machine manufacture: Ytterbium fiber laser, ultra-short pulsed laser (pico and femto), laser diode, ultraviolet laser, CO2 laser, etc.

For over a quarter of a century, ES LASER is a recognized leader as an laser manufacturer which can be seamlessly integrated into your production line and also be used as stand-alone laser machines. All our laser solutions comply with the European standards for machine safety.

Our Mechanical, Electrical and IT Design Offices develop numerous customized laser machines every year. The experience of our specialized Engineers enables us to offer innovative, reliable technical solutions, guaranteeing you high performance equipment which is extremely versatile and easy to use.

Our clean room for the assembly of optical elements enables us to study and create complex assemblies perfectly adapted to our customers’ requirements.

Our factory are equipped with modern production tools: numerically-controlled 5-axis machine tools. We have advanced test and inspection means at our disposal in order to supply our Customers with high quality laser machines. Today, over 2,500 laser systems have been manufactured and installed by our Specialists.

To ensure excellence, we design innovative laser systems including the best technologies.

ES LASER offers all its Customers personalized services adapted to their needs and advanced live technical support all over the world.

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