Laser marking and decoration with rotary module

For laser marking and decorating applications on cylindrical workpieces, ES TECHNOLOGY offers a complete range of rotary modules. Coupled with industrial laser technology, these complementary modules allow laser marking and decoration by a sequential or a continuous machining.

Laser marking and decoration by sequential module

With sequential module use, the marking surface is divided into few areas, depending on workpieces diameter. Then between each surface, rotary module allows workpiece rotation to a predetermined angle and leads to top quality and repetitive machining results. Workpieces attachment is provided by standard (three-jaw chuck) or customized tool.

Laser marking and decoration by continuous module

ES TECHNOLOGY technical teams also designed a system for laser marking and decoration without discontinuity or superposition (cross checking of fields). With this rotary module, the realization of continuous patterns on cylindrical workpieces is possible on a part or the whole circumference.

All the ES TECHNOLOGY rotary modules are provided with a specific motor adapted to your application (accuracy, repeatability, positioning resolution, sensor for motor reference implantation) and with a software specially designed for laser decoration and marking by rotation.

For specific needs, customized rotary systems design and integration are also possible: large workpieces, automatic fitting, robotizing, claw chuck, adjustable mount, etc.

Customized rotary module for laser decoration

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