Our solutions for your laser applications

ES LASER develops and manufactures lasers and laser machines for all industrial applications: marking, engraving, coding, micro-machining, welding, drilling and cutting. Our laser products are designed to be easily integrated into your production line and can also be used as stand-alone machines.

At your service, we offer a complete range of OEM lasers and laser workstations, fully developed by our design offices and manufactured in our workshops.

In addition, our engineers and technicians are specialized in the design of industrial lasers and laser machines customized to Client specifications.

Finally, we assure you a reliable and fast logistical support by providing you all the supplementary and useful laser products for your installations and your laser machines.

                                Whatever your expectations and your industrial applications, our technical team will advise you.

Industrial lasers : welding, cutting, 3D engraving, selective removal, marking, coding, etc.

Customized laser machines: micromachining, welding, cutting, 3D engraving, marking, etc.

Automated Laser machines

Robotized Laser machines

Micromachining Laser machines

Industrial laser machines : micromachining, welding, cutting, 3D engraving, marking, etc.

Micromachining Laser machines

Semi-automatic Laser machines

Manual Laser machines