Design and manufacture of customized Laser machine

Customized Laser marking machine

Automatic marking Laser machine

For more than 25 years, our team designs and manufactures quality customized laser machines. With more than 2,500 Laser systems integrated throughout the world, our Groupe became a major partner for every projects which need customized Laser machine design and manufacture: micromachining, Laser welding, Laser engraving, decoration, fine cutting, drilling, etc.

Customized industrial Laser machine

Because every industrial project is different, the Teams of ES LASER are specialized in the design of special machines, which comply to the needs of productivity imperatives, high performances and integration and use conditions. Safety, precision, reliability and user-friendly are the main specifications of all the systems designed by ES LASER.

To ensure excellence, our Engineers and Technicians manufacture specific machines based on our previous systems, already in service for many years, and they design customized machines with top industrial technologies:

  • Ultraviolet Lasers and infrared Lasers,
  • High power Lasers,
  • Robotized systems,
  • Marble table for high stability process,
  • Continuous or sequential rotative device,

  • Pico and femtosecond Lasers,
  • High energy Lasers,
  • Vision devices (quality control, etc.),
  • High precision mechanical axis (< 5 µm),
  • CNC machine, …

From feasibility studies in our Applications Laboratory to the installation and the following of your customized Laser machine – after its design and manufacture by our Teams – ES LASER will provide you a comprehensive and innovative technical solution, with its irreproachable performances.

Automated machine with vision device

Engraving and cutting Laser machine

Robotized Laser machine with vision device

Automated micromaching Laser machine

Laser fields of applications

Whether it is to weld, at high speed and with high precision, metals with high melting temperature or are “unweldable” by conventional techniques, to make fine cuts according to atypical patterns, to decorate products of high values and with varying sizes, to weld different plastics through transparency, to make fine and permanent markings, or to respond to the most complex demands of micro-machining projects, our Engineers offer you their experience of Lasers applications:

  • Laser micromachining
  • Metals Laser welding
  • Laser cutting
  • Surfaces treatments

  • Laser decoration
  • Plastics Laser welding
  • Laser drilling
  • 3D engraving or 2D marking

Whatever your project, our Technical and Sales Teams will be at your disposal to meet your expectations, agreeing to your supplier requirements or advising you on the best system (Laser, optical, mechanical, etc.) for your application.

Laser machine for circular cutting

High capacity parts Laser marking machine

Special machine for bottles decoration