Transportable Laser machine

Portable Laser marking machine

This stainless steel workstation is designed to be easily transportable thanks to its compact dimensions and light weight. It is specially adapted for laser marking on single parts or small series in all types of environments, including clean rooms. It integrates our ES CODE Ytterbium fiber laser technology, guaranteeing a reliable and quality marking on all plastics and metals.

  • Complying with Machinery Directive 13849 and CE standards
  • Light (less than 45 kg) and compact (less than 1 m3) workstation
  • HARTING connector between the control bay and the workstation
  • Class 1 Workstation completely secured
  • Fast and easy parts positioning
  • Large front opening with wide window display.
  • Side openings allowing the insertion of long parts (more than 1 m)
  • Light (up to 800 g) and compact laser head
  • Electric or automatic focal control
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low operating cost
  • User-friendly and intuitive marking software
  • Customized Human-Machine Interface
  • Powerful integrated diagnostic software allowing the laser analysis and remote control by our technical team

Technical specifications:

Laser applicationsMarking
Integrated LaserES CODE
Working areaup to 150 x 150 mm
Parts dimensions400 x 400 x 150 mm max.
Equipments, options and accessoriesHarting connector
4 handles
Large vision window, CE Standards
Securized manual door
Automatical or manual Z axis
Side openings
Suction turbine
Standards dimensions670 x 700 x 550 mm