Laser marking software

The ES MARK software is specially developed by ES TECHNOLOGY IT engineers for every lasers. Fully customizable, it is perfectly adapted to the applications of laser marking, laser engraving, laser welding, laser coding and laser cutting. 

The ES MARK software is a graphical editor which allows full and precise control of ES FLY, ES CODE, ES PRINT and ES LASUV lasers. Flexible and powerful, the ES MARK software is also very easy to use. With its design based on Windows software technology, learning it is very instinctive.

The ES MARK software enables creation and saving of files, importation of drawings (CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, DXF files, etc.), plotting of geometric forms, marking of bar codes, raised numbering, and also dates, hours and minutes with different type fonts.

Thanks to its integrated diagnostic tool, the ES MARK software also analyses the state of the laser, and of the power supply, as well as controlling the temperature. Green signals, and the marking cycle can begin, signals turning to range, and the operator can quickly repair a clearly-identified failure.

Designed and developed by our IT design office, our ES MARK software is very easy to use.

Laser marking software, laser parameters

User-friendly sofware for laser marking, engraving, welding or cutting

Laser marking software, main window

Laser marking software

 Marking laser software, diagnosis window

Diagnosis software tools for laser application