Laser Technical Training Organization

Laser systems maintenance training

Laser-matter and industrial applications training

Laser systems use and maintenance training

To ensure optimum use of your machine, your employees must be qualified by taking part in a specific training session.

We are a training organization operating under number 75 33 10314 33 registered with the prefecture of the Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes region, offering a wide range of training courses:

  • Laser and machine use,
  • Laser safety,
  • Maintenance and servicing,
  • Software use and development,
  • Light-material reactions (welding, engraving, marking, …),
  • Customized training: vision, robots, …,

Training extends from beginner level right through to experts and is given by experienced trainers on your machine at your site.

To ensure our training are as relevant as possible, theory lessons are alternated with practical exercises. These exercises are carried out on your machine to ensure your employees are able to make the best use of it.


Our courses come into the category of on-going training and can be funded by your OPCA (approved vocational training fund).


And the merits of the training delivered by our Collaborators have proven their worth. ES LASER is referenced on the directory of training organizations Datadock, confirming their qualities and adequacy according to criteria specified by the Law.


Please contact us for further informations: