Remote maintenance via Internet

Laser systems remote maintenance


System Laser diagnosis in real time


Every ES LASER Laser is equipped with a software called “Remote Connection”. This allows our Technicians to operate by remote maintenance on your equipment in real time anywhere in the world. The only requirement is for the machine to have a direct broadband internet connection.


Remote Connection is supplied on CD for Lasers which do not have a PC. It is already installed on Lasers with a PC. You just need to connect them.


This connection allows us to diagnose any malfunction and carry out adjustments or even updates if necessary.


This software is also very flexible. Our Customers Technical Support can connect from other workstations thus allowing assistance to take place under optimum conditions. Our Technicians can also remain in direct contact with you throughout the remote connection via the “discussion” menu. Written conversations are thus possible in real time without blocking the telephone line.


Moreover, Remote Connection can be used for distance learning. You have the screen of one of our trainers in front of you and you can follow the demonstration of a Laser control software application from your company.


A fast and reliable technical assistance is therefore possible both in France and abroad without our Technicians having to come to your site in person.


80 % of malfunctions are solved thanks to remote maintenance!


For more information, contact us on +33 (0)5 56 64 40 29.