Sectors of activity

Chirurgical parts made by Laser welding


Laser decoration for Luxury Packaging

ES LASER is a successful international company. Our Teams of Specialists support our Customers on every continent.

The professionalism of our Technical Support Service and the live support we provide are appreciated by our most demanding Customers throughout the world: TOYOTA Russia, TOYOTA Turkey, VALEO China, FAURECIA Spain, LEGRAND Portugal, BOSCH Brazil, ADECOS Germany, MICROSEMI Philippines, etc.

Our laser solutions for the manufacturing industry

A comprehensive range of industrial lasers for marking applications is available for the manufacturing industry. This range allows the engraving of watch parts by laser, the application of laser decoration to automotive components, precision laser marking on metal tools and the flawless marking of most plastics with an excellent level of reliability.

Laser coding for the packaging industry

With the assistance of our Distributor Partners and our loyal Customers, we were the first to develop Ytterbium fiber lasers for laser coding in the packaging industry. ES CODE fiber lasers satisfy all the requirements of the Packaging Industry: easy integration, fast, high-quality marking, easy-to-use, reduced operating costs at competitive prices.

Manufacturer of customized industrial lasers

ES LASER develops and manufactures the lasers the long-lasting users of laser technology want.

We develop and modify our standard lasers to better integrate them into production lines and satisfy all our Customers’ needs.

We are the sole contact for your laser applications.

Laser fine cutting and drilling

Laser welding for sensitive parts

3D engraving and precision Laser marking