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June 2020: Automated laser welding with robots

Our engineers have developed an automated 3D assembly machine with a laser welding application for a customer project. The objectives of this machine are to produce angular welds, edge-to-edge by transparent welding, in order to maintain a high production rate and to apply an irreproachable and precise welding process. We used the most advanced technologies for the automated process. This machine allows to assemble a whole set of parts in less than a minute and to execute 16 welds which are made in less than 30 seconds.



L'une des spécialités de nos Ingénieurs est d'intégrer des robots pouvant manipuler les pièces ou déplacer la tête laser

Technical specifications:

  • 2 single-mode ytterbium fibre lasers @ 1070 nm, power of 4000 W, continuous or pulsed
  • 2 special galvanometric heads for high laser power (max. 12 kW)
  • automated and 3D welding process
  • 2 robots for the welding process
  • 1 robot for parts handling
  • 1 automated 6-position turntable with a diameter of 2.5 m
  • 1 optional welding station, with a complete high-power laser system and galvanometric-robot head

If you are in need of a laser machine, our team will meet your expectations, whether for welding applications – metals or plastics – or for any other project requiring industrial laser technology.

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April 2020: Audit on our health protocols related to COVID-19

ES LASER has been audited by two recognized control bodies: SOCOTEC and TÜV, on the sanitary measures put in place to protect our Teams and Visitors.

These audits found that we were in compliance with government recommendations.

Safety, commitment, rigour and precision: these are some words that are found in our profession and that seem more relevant than ever.

Come visit us in security!

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December 2019: a 3D Laser microprocessing machine at your disposal

To help our Customers on their innovative projects, with complex or demanding applications, our Technical Team has manufactured a high precision interpolated 5-axis Laser machine, which is dedicated to fine cutting, drilling and micro-welding.

Unique opportunities:

  • Cutting and drilling of many materials (steel, brass, copper, gold, aluminium, ceramics, etc.),
  • Welding of metals or plastics,
  • Spot or seam welding,
  • 3D complex paths,
  • Flat, cylindrical, spherical or irregular parts,

 Applications examples:

2D cuttingBrass0.3 mm300 mm/min
3D cuttingStainless steel2 mm200 mm/min
2D weldingBrass0.15 mm> 6 mm/min
3D weldingStainless steel2 mm60 mm/min

Technical specifications:

  • Singlemode Ytterbium fiber Laser, 1,070 nm, 1,500 W, 15 J, M² 1.05, pulsed or continued: cutting, welding, drilling,
  • Diode Laser, 980 nm, 200 W, modulated or continued: welding,
  • Working areas: 440 x 250 x 120 mm (2D) or 200 x 200 x 120 mm (3D),
  • Granite support and temperature-controlled by integrated air conditioner housing,
  • 2 integrated macro and micrometrical vision systems,
  • Dynamic interpolation: ± 10 µm,
  • Static X-Y and Z axis accuray: ± 6 µm and ± 2 µm,
  • 4th and 5th axes per rotary device, with positioning accuracy of 0.005°.

Integrated into our Laser applications Laboratory, this machine is at your disposal for feasibility tests achievement, process development, or job shop for your products – whether for limited series or for thousands of pieces!

June 2019: The Laser for batteries manufacture

Laser technology offers great opportunities for complex or innovative industrial projects. Battery manufacturing is one of these opportunities, and our Team is specialized in all processes where the integration of industrial Lasers is an crucial solution, such as for the batteries assembly – or their components – by Laser welding.

A reliable and cost-saving process, and which is perfectly suited for modern batteries manufacture requirements:

  • Perfect sealing,
  • Electrical and magnetic properties preserved,
  • Good welding strength,
  • No filler materials,
  • Excellent repeatability,
  • Very high welding speed,
  • Welding depth > 1 mm,
  • All welding geometries: straight lines, circular, 3D, etc.,
  • Welding of differents metals: copper, aluminium, nickel, alloys (Al-Cu, Ni-Cu, etc.),

And we are proud to have achieved the manufacture of a new Laser machine, specially developed for this oustanding application. Designed by our Technical Team, this machine includes the best systems: high-power fiber Laser, 5 precision axis, ECKELMANN CNC system, vision device, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us: our Team will meet all your expectations, whether for subjects associated with the manufacture of batteries (welding, cutting, drilling, marking, …), or for all projects requiring the technology of industrial Lasers.

March 2019: Laser Expert Day

Following the success of the previous edition, our Teams had the pleasure of renewing our Laser Expert Day.

Meetings and discussions highlights, bringing together many stakeholders around industrial technical conferences and projects:

  • Regulatory obligations and news associated with industrial machinery,
  • Regulations and safety standards for workers exposed to Laser radiation,
  • The use of Ytterbium Fiber Laser for cleaning, ablation, welding or cutting,
  • The processing of high-productivity materials with a femtosecond Laser,



  • The evolution of industrial Laser beam processing,
  • The copper welding process by green Laser and the “black marking” application with ultrashort Laser,
  • The use and the advantages of smart pigments for Laser marking,
  • The industrial Laser global market.

Finally, more than 60 professionals – Laser Process Engineers, Maintenance Technicians, Project Managers, Experienced Users, Laser System Manufacturers, etc. – came together and made the success of these edition.

Next step in 2021!

December 2018: Investment in production tools

ES LASER has acquired new equipments and systems for the manufacture of our Laser machines in order to offer the best to our Customers and to meet their expectations.

To develop our internal capacity for fabrication and innovation, to diversify our know-how, to strengthen the complementarity of our Team, to increase the competitiveness of our solutions by being in charge of our production chain, to reduce delivery time!

Sheet metal workshop

Manufacturing of frame elements, housings, and all sheet metal subassemblies of our Lasers systems.

  • LVD® press brake – 135 tons by 3 meter, up to 6 mm
  • METALLKRAFT® metal shear – 1,250 mm, up to 4 mm


Welding workshop

Assembling of welded frames, subsets, … :

  • ESAB® GMAW and GTAW welding machines – pulsed, 400 A and 250 A, water cooled


Machining workshop

High-precision machining of complex parts of all our systems, in addition to our two 3- and 5-axis CNC machining centers:

  • HAAS® CNC 4-axis machining center – 200 x 400 mm at 4,000 rpm, side axis ± 50 mm at 30 m/min.

We will surely meet your expectations with our experience in designing and manufacturing customized machines since over 25 years!

September 2018: Meet us at the ALL4PACK exhibition of Paris Nord Villepinte

For its 2018 edition, the ALL4PACK exhibition – dedicated to multi-technological offerings for the packaging sectors – will welcome our Team, on stand J232 in Hall 7.

Once again, it is with pleasure that we will highlight our Laser know-how and the technical solutions we offer for all players in the Packaging Industry:

  • The glass decoration by internal engraving, the removal of a coating layer – paint or anodization -, the marking on complex contours or the fixing of colored powders (Laser sintering),

  • The decoration of luxurious packaging – boxes, perfume vials, metallic cases, etc. – by surface marking, coating ablation or 3D engraving,
  • The high-speed items marking on production line with expiry dates, item codes, serial numbers, and for products of consumers market, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.,

Come meet us and show us your Laser project!   /

As a customized machines designer and manufacturer for more than 25 years, we’ll be able to meet your expectations!

July 2018: ES LASER double its production area!

The plant expansion from 1,000 to 2,000 m², the purchase of new high-performance production machines including a 5-axis lathe – and the recruitment of new Staff members were the projects completed by ES LASER before the end of the summer 2018.

Our objectives: to improve our manufacuring capabilities, to increase our responsiveness and to decrease our production costs to meet our Customers’ various projects.

Theses investments allow our Plant of Bordeaux to include:

  • Our Mechanical, Electronical, Electrical, Automation and IT Design Offices,
  • A mechanical-welding Workshop,
  • A sheet metal Workshop,
  • A mechanical Workshop with CNC (5-axis milling machines and lathe) and conventional machines,
  • A clean room for designing or assembling optical devices and Laser sources,
  • A Laser Applications Laboratory,
  • As a Training Provider, a dedicated room for the traning of our Customers,
  • An Industrial Subcontracting Service (marking, 3D engraving, welding, fine cutting, etc.).

Contact us to come and meet us in this new Plant and tell us about your Laser projects!   /   +33 (0)5 56 64 40 29

March 2018: ES LASER is now EN ISO 9001:2015 certified!

EN ISO 9001:2008 certified since march 2010, ES LASER is now ISO 9001:2015 for all its activities of Conception, Design, Manufacture and Marketing of industrial Lasers and for the provision of associated services.



This certification – also granted to ES LASER GmbH (Stuttgart) – is the recognition of our human and material resources investments, as well as will and our ability to organize, manage and improve ES LASER’s activities.


A choice of continous improvements taken 25 years ago and which provides to our Teams the ability to offer Quality Products and Services to our Customers, effectively meeting their needs and expectations.

October 2017: One of our Laser welding machine on TV!

Extract from the Grand Soir de France 3 of October 23, with the presentation of the French company BODET SA, European leader in measurement and time management and having invested in a Laser welding machine designed and manufactured by our Team.



Specifically designed to assemble a significant part of BODET SA’s products range, this industrial machine uses the technique of Laser welding by transparency. A process mastered by our Team, and which ensures high quality welding at economical operating costs.

September 2017: ES LASER, Training organization with Datadock

ES LASER, as a specialist in industrial Laser solutions and systems, is now referenced in the directory of Datadock training organizations, confirming the quality and the adequacy of the training provided by our Collaborators, in agreement with criteria specified by the Law (more informations on


For more informations about our training, please write to


Our independent and family-run company design, manufactures and installs numerous Laser machines around the world since 1984.

July 2017: Laser cutting for automotive electrical cables


Special Laser stripping/cutting machine for automotive electrical cables


Automated mechanical system for the flow of cables, including engine and coder

Laser technology is a solution of choice for stripping/cutting electrical cables: the Laser beam – from a low power Laser – is easily absorbed by the sheaths, allowing them to be cut, and is fully reflected by the soul of the wires, protecting them from any deterioration caused by conventional mechanical shock techniques.

Our Technical Team had the opportunity to design an innovative Laser machine for one of our Automotive Equipment Customers. A customized solution, which incorporates proven equipments for many years in our industrial machines, as well as custom-made systems that our Engineers have specially developed:

  • An annular suction for fumes evacuation, ensuring optimal cutting speed and perfect reproducibility of the process,
  • An optical system allowing the rotation of the Laser beam – and thus the cutting – around the cables,
  • A motorized and automated focus system for the Laser beam, according to the diameter of the cables,
  • An automated cables drive system, including an engine and a coder (for adjusting the length of cables and cutting points),

Industrial solution, this Laser machine is able to work all day long, with a low operating cost.

More news can be found in our lasers and applications archives!