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March 2017 : ES LASER’s Expert Days

On 22 and 23 March, our Teams had the pleasure to organize the 1st edition of the Laser Experts Days, which brought together more than 40 industrial manufacturers or users and specialists in laser and its applications.

These days were marked by a series of conferences, mainly dedicated to industrial lasers and security, which included:

  • The industrial laser international market,
  • The Ytterbium Fiber Lasers and their industrial applications,
  • The plastics formulation for laser welding and marking,
  • The industrial machine regulation,
  • The laser safety standards and rules,
  • The machine safety devices and PLCs,
  • The ALPhANOV’s – Lasers and Optic Technology Centre of the “Route des Lasers” Cluster – overview.


The success of these days reinforces our desire to renew these strong exchanges opportunities with our Customers and industrial Partners, and we look forward to its next edition!

Whatever your future laser projects, the Engineers and the Technicians of ES LASER will turn them into success.

July 2016: ES TECHNOLOGY becomes ES LASER!

In 1st July 2016, ES TECHNOLOGY becomes ES LASER. This evolution follows our unification desire with our German subsidiary, ES LASER GmbH.


ES LASER are ES LASER GmbH are DIN EN ISO 9001 :2008 certified by TUV HESSEN.


March 2016: The new ES LASER high precision micromachining machine

Responding to the needs of our Customers for their most demanding projects, our Technical Teams now offer the ES MICRO Laser machine. Synonymous of precision, reliability and versatility, the ES MICRO is the assurance of an impeccable quality of cutting and welding.

Don’t limit yourself

  • Many materials: brass, precious metals (gold, platinum, silver, etc.), ceramics, steel, etc.
  • 2D or 3D cutting or welding of simple or complex parts
  • Spot welding or continuous welding
  • Flat or cylindrical parts
  • Unique parts, small to large industrial series

Invest in accuracy and quality

  • Strong limitation of thermal variations and vibrations by a granite structure
  • Reliable and accurase micro-scale positionioning table
  • Thin (20 µm) and quality (M² < 1.1) Laser beam
  • Clean and aesthetic cutts or welds
  • No colouring and deformation of materials

Use our powerfull associated Command Interface

  • Eckelmann CNC software for axis accurate positioning
  • Importation and modification of Laser paths which are created by industrial drawing and design software (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc.)
  • Post Processor software use for G-CODE files conversion
  • Intuitive Laser parameters and ancillary systems control

Designed by our Engineers, this 4-axis microprocessing machine is fully customizable: special safety housing, integration of a Ytterbium fiber Laser (1,070 nm, continuous or pulsed to 0.2 from 50 ms) of 1,500, 3,000 or 4,500 Watts, addition of a 5th or 6th axis, assistance gas, etc. Whatever your project, we will meet your expectations!

ES MICRO cutting and welding machine

2D or 3D Laser cutting

November 2015: ES TECHNOLOGY starts up the 2500th industrial laser machine manufactured by our teams

Lasers, customized laser machines and complete systems for many industrial applications in various sectors of activity – ES TECHNOLOGY offers a comprehensive range of laser solutions.

Today, our engineers start one of the most flexible and versatile laser welding machines. Dedicated for small to medium industrial series, it’s designed for 2D and 3D metals welding.

With its 4 movement axes, a rotary module, positioning systems and a Numerical Control Man/Machine interface, this new machine allows customized top quality welding and optimized cycle time.

  • Complete and powerful NC programming software
    • Import of various paths made by industrial drawing softwares (CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc.)
    • Automatic conversion of imported G-CODE files, by adding specific machine functions
    • Automatic production mode management
    • Laser machine control (axis position, reference points, laser beam speed, etc.)
  • Spot and Seam Welding
  • Excellent repeatability: ± 0.1 mm
  • Tilting rotary module (1° step, ± 0.1° accuracy)
  • High precision X-Y crossed table (position adjustment of 0.1 mm)
  • Manual adjustment by binocular and control joystick (accuracy from 0.1 to 0.001 mm)
  • Automatic adjustment by intuitive and friendly software
  • Customized control box
  • Protective gas (Argon or Oxygen, depending on the application)

Since 1984, our independent family-run company designs, manufactures and installs a large number of laser machines throughout the World.

Industrial laser welding machine


2D or 3D laser welding


XY cross table and rotary module for customized welding


Industrial control panel for high precision


March 2015: Laser marking and decoration with rotary module

For laser marking and decorating applications on cylindrical workpieces, ES TECHNOLOGY offers a complete range of rotary modules. Coupled with industrial laser technology, these complementary modules allow laser marking and decoration by a sequential or a continuous machining.

Laser marking and decoration by sequential module

With sequential module use, the marking surface is divided into few areas, depending on workpieces diameter. Then between each surface, rotary module allows workpiece rotation to a predetermined angle and leads to top quality and repetitive machining results. Workpieces attachment is provided by standard (three-jaw chuck) or customized tool.

Laser marking and decoration by continuous module

ES TECHNOLOGY technical teams also designed a system for laser marking and decoration without discontinuity or superposition (cross checking of fields). With this rotary module, the realization of continuous patterns on cylindrical workpieces is possible on a part or the whole circumference.

All the ES TECHNOLOGY rotary modules are provided with a specific motor adapted to your application (accuracy, repeatability, positioning resolution, sensor for motor reference implantation) and with a software specially designed for laser decoration and marking by rotation.

For specific needs, customized rotary systems design and integration are also possible: large workpieces, automatic fitting, robotizing, claw chuck, adjustable mount, etc.

Customized rotary module for laser decoration

Laser marking and engraving on steel


Laser decoration for perfume bottle


September 2014: The ultraviolet industrial laser ES LASUV

ES TECHNOLOGY is proud to complete its range of OEM lasers by adding the ES LASUV industrial laser. This ultraviolet laser ensures high performances and, with our new partner able to produce more than a hundred of laser sources per month, we propose this laser at a highly competitive price.

The ES LASUV offers an output power from 2 to 12 Watts, a frequency range from 20 to 200 kHz and an accurate and fast beam positioning system (speed of 7 m/s, repeatability < 5 µrad). This laser emits an ultraviolet (355 nm), stable (? 3% rms), fine (diameter from 15 to 30 µm, beam divergence < 2 mrad) and quality (TEM00, M2 < 1.2) beam.

At this wavelength, the laser photons have enough energy to break chemical bonds between the molecules composing the matter. As materials are highly absorbent to UV-radiation, the physical interaction will allow a process without thermal effect which may affect the quality of machining.

Thus, the ES LASUV industrial laser is the solution for marking or coding polymers, glasses and ceramics at high speed (up to 1000 characters/s) while maintaining excellent quality. Moreover, thanks to its power and beam quality, it is an indispensable tool for fine cutting and micromachining applications in many sectors of activities, such as watchmaking, electronics, biomedical, luxury glassware or metallurgy.

With the knowledge and experience of our technical team, the ES LASUV industrial laser is designed to be easily installed on production line or in a machine. ES TECHNOLOGY proposes this ultraviolet laser in an OEM version or in a totally secured class 1 laser machine (Machinery Directive 13849 and CE standards).

Class 4 ultraviolet laser ES LASUV


Fine cutting and marking by ultraviolet laser