The Laser for batteries manufacture

Laser technology offers great opportunities for complex or innovative industrial projects. Battery manufacturing is one of these opportunities, and our Team is specialized in all processes where the integration of industrial Lasers is an crucial solution, such as for the batteries assembly – or their components – by Laser welding.

A reliable and cost-saving process, and which is perfectly suited for modern batteries manufacture requirements:

  • Perfect sealing,
  • Electrical and magnetic properties preserved,
  • Good welding strength,
  • No filler materials,
  • Excellent repeatability,
  • Very high welding speed,
  • Welding depth > 1 mm,
  • All welding geometries: straight lines, circular, 3D, etc.,
  • Welding of differents metals: copper, aluminium, nickel, alloys (Al-Cu, Ni-Cu, etc.),

And we are proud to have achieved the manufacture of a new Laser machine, specially developed for this oustanding application. Designed by our Technical Team, this machine includes the best systems: high-power fiber Laser, 5 precision axis, ECKELMANN CNC system, vision device, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us: our Team will meet all your expectations, whether for subjects associated with the manufacture of batteries (welding, cutting, drilling, marking, …), or for all projects requiring the technology of industrial Lasers.