The ultraviolet industrial laser ES LASUV

ES TECHNOLOGY is proud to complete its range of OEM lasers by adding the ES LASUV industrial laser. This ultraviolet laser ensures high performances and, with our new partner able to produce more than a hundred of laser sources per month, we propose this laser at a highly competitive price.

The ES LASUV offers an output power from 2 to 12 Watts, a frequency range from 20 to 200 kHz and an accurate and fast beam positioning system (speed of 7 m/s, repeatability < 5 µrad). This laser emits an ultraviolet (355 nm), stable (? 3% rms), fine (diameter from 15 to 30 µm, beam divergence < 2 mrad) and quality (TEM00, M< 1.2) beam.

At this wavelength, the laser photons have enough energy to break chemical bonds between the molecules composing the matter. As materials are highly absorbent to UV-radiation, the physical interaction will allow a process without thermal effect which may affect the quality of machining.

Thus, the ES LASUV industrial laser is the solution for marking or coding polymers, glasses and ceramics at high speed (up to 1000 characters/s) while maintaining excellent quality. Moreover, thanks to its power and beam quality, it is an indispensable tool for fine cutting and micromachining applications in many sectors of activities, such as watchmaking, electronics, biomedical, luxury glassware or metallurgy.

With the knowledge and experience of our technical team, the ES LASUV industrial laser is designed to be easily installed on production line or in a machine. ES TECHNOLOGY proposes this ultraviolet laser in an OEM version or in a totally secured class 1 laser machine (Machinery Directive 13849 and CE standards).

Class 4 ultraviolet laser ES LASUV


Fine cutting and marking by ultraviolet laser